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RELX EMS HEAD SPA is Golden Design Award winner in 2022. 

Product Design Category.



“ Taking time out each day to relax & renew is essential to living well “
We understand the importance of relaxation. Thus, EMS function are added in our latest RELX product to help consumer release stress.
EMS stands for (Electronic Muscle Stimulation), is a therapy for muscle recovery.
Our product comes with 2 types of brushes (attachment ). One of the brushes belong to soft type, which can be used on our face area. While another brush suitable to use on our head and body part. The soft type of brush comes in a handy design which is completely user friendly and convenient.

We do take consumer safety into our consideration. Therefore, we have added IPX7 waterproof in it. Whereby, user can use this product when they are shower / non shower and achieve a luxurious head spa whenever they want. That’s our main purpose of developing this product.

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