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About wuui

wuui is a design studio that specializes in interior, graphic, cg and product, which also gathers people from many different countries. In our lives, we tend to change our lifestyle because of human and things around us. However, we can't always achieve it for many reasons, even though that is the lifestyle we want. Therefore, we hope that we could help you to see the results of achievement through our design. In the future, wuui will also have more people from different cultural backgrounds and customs join us to help people around the world through many ideas and contribute to the community.

wuui は店舗及びグラフィック、CG、プロダクトデザインを主として行う、違う国の者同士で集まったデザインスタジオです。人生は、常に出会いによって様々な“ライフスタイル”へと導かれると考えています。自分に合う“ライフスタイル”を作り、楽しい毎日を過ごすのはすごく幸せですが、実現するのは難しい、何とか実現したい。そんな人の“ライフスタイル”を支えて実現できるようにと私達はチームとして立ち上がりました。これからも違う文化と習慣の人達が wuui に参加することで、より多くの発想を生み出していき、世界中の人々と社会に貢献していきます。


Founder of wuui / Designer



Main in Interior, Graphic, CG and Product design.


Japanese, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay

Language :

History :

1991.08      Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2014.04~    Worked as House Reform Advisor, 

                    Interior Designer, Product Designer in

                    multiple design studio.

2014.03      Graduated from Osaka Mode Gakuen

2018.02~    Established WUUI

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