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loloool is Golden Design Award winner in 2021. 

Product Design Category.



loloool is a massager originally coming from China. In China, we name it as [Niu Jiao].
Wuui standardize the massager especially on the shapes and sizes so that they can be stored more safely in the packaging box that we design.
We hope that the design of the packaging box can give users a better impression through the translucent and fillet design.
In order to avoid bringing too much excitement and being able to bring out the calmness & comfort feeling, we decided to use a simple and dull colour to present loloool.
Back to the intention of producing this loloool, Wuui realised many of us tend to use laptop to work in this era.
Even though there are people who use standing desk but majority of us will sit and face the laptop for the whole day.
Because the posture of sitting and using the computer for long time will put a burden on spine and pelvis, it will be easier for us to have a straight neck, hunched back, poor blood circulation, dizziness, muscle pain and so on.
Therefore, we can use loloool with some of favourite essential oils at any time to massage on our body parts and achieve the relaxation of our body & mind.

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