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Dond Low Table, winner of the coveted A’ Design Award, will be exhibited in Italy, at Museo del Design - Via Bellinzona 15, 22100, Como / Italy, from 15th of October, 2020 to 15th of November, 2020, as part of a very prestigious international good design exhibition. 


Dond Low Table

The design narrative of Dond is simplicity yet versatile. A simple jointing parts creates using a 3D printer, and minimal parts design in order for a consumer to easily assemble the table or dissembled to carry on during transportation. The designer’s goal was for Dond to take part in a consumer everyday needs to enjoy an easier lifestyle for any occasion indoor or outdoor. Dond uses a straightforward design approach such as the top surface not being attached to the legs and is easily removed to use as a tray.

award-winner-design-image (1).png
award-winner-design-image (2).png
award-winner-design-image (3).png
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